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Typically air demand in a plant varies widely throughout the day. In addition, fluctuations can occur from weekday-toweekend, season-to-season and shift-to-shift. Pressure requirements can also change from machine-to-machine or from one application to another. You need someone to evaluate your unique, often complex requirements and recommend a tailored solution.


Compressed air is not free and has a big impact on plant productivity. The wrong air system is costly—in the form of excessive energy, repair and maintenance costs, downtime, poor compressed air quality, unacceptable noise levels and more. System design and compressor choice are important decisions with long lasting implications.

[VS & VST Series]

Variable speed compressors can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems. These compressors speed up and slow down to match air supply to air demand as it fluctuates. The right variable speed compressor in the right application delivers significant energy savings and a stable, consistent air supply.

Poor system design can increase energy cost up to 5 times.

Evaluate efficiency everywhere full load, part load, no load

Upper Range - Part Load Efficiency Gains Importance

At full load in the upper flow range (green area in graph at right), top performing base load-modulating compressors are typically better performers (curve 3). As air-flow decreases, the other compressor types become more energy efficient (curves 1 and 2).

Middle Range - VSD Takes Charge

In the middle range (blue area), the VSD compressor shows significant energy savings compared to the other compressor types. At about 75% of a compressor's full load flow, the VSD compressor is 5-15% more efficient, and the advantage increases as flow decreases.

Lower Range - VSD is Far Superior

In the lower range (yellow area), the VSD compressor savings become even greater. A variable speed compressor handling a second shift that uses only 40% of the air requirements of the first shift is just one of many ideal applications for a VSD compressor.

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The VST Series provides maximum efficiency - full load, part load, no load

Typical competitive variable speed single-stage and two-stage compressors are not designed to maximize performance. Most manufacturers simply adapt their current products to a variable speed drive and motor. Gardner Denver's objective is to design the compressor, drive and motor to compliment one another resulting in the best possible energy savings over the entire operating range of the compressor. The VST Series products are specifically designed to meet this objective.

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The AirSmartTM Controller


The AirSmart Controller was designed to make the operators' interface with the variable speed drive transparent. You don't need to be an expert on variable speed drives to operate our compressor. The controller takes care of the details.

The controller automatically adjusts the compressor's performance to meet your changing air system demands—saving you energy dollars.

Changing the discharge pressure is as easy as pressing a button. No longer is there a need for a new machine when your pressure demands change.

Communication & Sequencing

The optional communication module allows the VST Series units to talk to each other and other Gardner Denver compressors to optimize system efficiency. This isn't just an hour balancing, on/off sequencing scheme. Our controller allows the system to truly optimize efficiency because it knows the capabilities of other machines and orchestrates their operation.
The communication module also allows remote monitoring of the VST units.

Advanced Display

The controller has a four line display with menus and tactile buttons for easy navigation. Two lines display operating information such as pressure, temperature, operating hours, etc. while the other two lines display advisory messages, shutdown messages, recommended part numbers and service contact information.

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