With Ontario Compressor Supplies, You Know You're In Good Hands

When you purchase a product from your Ontario Compressor Supplies team, you invest in more than hardware. You receive technical support, training, supplies and a wide spectrum of services. Factory trained service personnel are committed to keeping your equipment operating at maxiumum efficiency. They are available around the clock for both emergency and routine repairs. We offer convenient service directly at your location to assist with equipment overhaul, parts replacement, or troubleshooting.
Preventative maintenance can be an inexpensive investment compared to the cost of a repair, so be sure to ask about service agreements. Besides, you have enough on your plate already. Just sit back with confidence that your air system is working efficiently and will provide you with many years of trouble free service.
You are never on your own once you have chosen the Ontario Compressor Supplies team.

Compressor Problems? We're On Our Way! We're On Our Way!

Service Agreements

Ontario Compressor Supplies offers a variety of Preventative Maintenance agreements to suit every production schedule. Whether you need maintenance on a weekly, monthly, semi annually, or yearly basis we are here to help.

When it comes to something as important as your air system, routine maintenance is a must. Place the responsibility on us to keep track of your maintenance schedule and contact you when your service is due. We will make arrangements to do the service around your production schedule.

Advantages of a Preventative Maintenance program:

  • Maintain optimum compressor efficiency.
  • Maintaine reliable and trouble free compressor operation.
  • Compliance with QS and ISO quality assurance programs.
  • Factory trained service technicians on call 24 hours a day that know your system personally.
  • A sense of security and confidence that your air system has been properly maintained and is running at it's full potential.
  • Take some of the burden off your already stretched thin maintenance department.
  • Documented records of all maintenance procedures performed on your equipment.
  • All parts meet genuine manufacturers specifications.