Products - J Series Lubricated and Oil-Free Double Acting Reciprocating Compressors

Why a Reciprocating Compressor?

J Series Reciprocating Compressor

Of the many types of air compressors presently available, the reciprocating compressor remains unchallenged in terms of basic efficiency. Its continued popularity can be attributed to its consistent operating economy, reliability, and longevity of service.
While the initial cost of a reciprocating compressor is frequently higher than that of competing types having equivilant capacities, it can ussually be shown that the recip, with its lower power consumption, is a more prudent long-term investment. As power costs have escalated, recips have captured a progressively larger share of the air compressor market. Where operating pressures are required outside of the normal 90-150 psig range, a reciprocating compressor is frequently the optimum, if not only, choice. Recips can also be effectively employed as vacuum pumps.

J-Series Reciprocating Compressors match a broad range of job requirements with over 30 models. J-Series compressors ofer the industry's widest selection of lubricated and oil-free models-single-cylinder, V-type and semiradial, single through four stage, from 25 to 1000 HP (19 to 745 KW), 50 to 5000 CFM (1.4 to 142 m min.) with pressures to 7000 PSIG (482 bars).

The J Series Total Closure System

Closure System Graph J Series Total Closure System

This system is offered on the J-Series for the lowest
unloaded horsepower requirements available in the industry.

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