Products - Integra Series ( 20 - 75 HP )

Integrated by Design

[Integra Series] The 5-75 HP Integra series of compressors is totally unique to the marketplace. Gardner Denver takes all the components found in traditional compressor designs and "integrates" them into a more compact, more reliable, yet more serviceable compressor package than any other design. Absolute integration in design means maximum reliability in operation.

At the heart of Integrated Design

Without an efficient, durable airend, a unique compressor design means nothing. That's why Gardner Denver designs and manufactures this critical component in house to exacting standards. Tens of thousands of Enduro airends are in operation worldwide, proving that the heart of the Integra series can stand the test of time.

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Integrated inside, the total package outside

Compact and Serviceable

With most compressors you get one or the other. Through integration the Integra delivers both. Eliminating unneeded connections and space-consuming piping allows the footprint to be reduced without overlooking ease of servicing. In fact, the serviceability is now better than ever before. Serviceable plus compact. That's Integra.

Low noise as standard

Every Integra is quiet without expensive adders. Operating from 68 to 75 dBA, Integra compressors can be located anywhere in the work area which means maximum installation flexibility. With top discharge cooling air and a control panel located opposite the fan, Integra compressors sound even quieter than their "official" rating.

A Complete Package

  • Controls that do diagnostics and provide service information - this means ease-of-use while minimizing downtime.
  • Motors with a 5-year warranty as standard.
  • Standard moisture separator and drain trap.
[Integra Series]

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Absolute Integration Maximum Reliability

Efficient Airends

Enduro airends are more than reliable. Designed for efficiency over the widest speed range in the industry, Enduro airends make more air using less power than competitive offerings. Thus, with Integra compressors, you can be sure you have minimized the largest cost component of owning a compressor - electrical cost. [Integra Series]

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stands for a totally new approach to compressor design. By integrating traditionally separated components, RELIABILITY can be greatly enhanced. It's time to forget about compressed air and focus on your own business. It's time for the Gardner Denver Integra.
[Integra Series]

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