Products - Electra Screw ( 40 - 50 HP )

Introduction to the Electra Screw

Electra-Screw is the industry's most affordable series - 7.5 to 200 HP ( 6.0 to 149 KW ), and up to 950 CFM ( 27 m min. ). The Electra-Screw incorporates the exclusive Gardner Denver Intensive Injection and advanced features like Auto Sentry electronic control, which delivers more self-diagnostic and shut down capability than any comparable compressor. With plenty of job-matching options, the Electra-Screw mathces most budgets, too.
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Everything You Need in a Compressor... and More

Stainless Steel Control Lines

All Gardner Denver compressors come standard with stainless steel control tubing. Use of stainless steel means corrosion-free compressor operation and maximum durability. Plastic tubing degrades with time, and has the potential of becoming a hazard. You will not find plastic control tubing on any Gardner Denver rotary compressor.

Heavy-Duty Canister Type Air Filter

This standard feature on 15-30 HP Electra-Screw compressors is only an option with other compressor manufacturers. The high-efficiency, replaceable element removes airborne particulate of 5 microns and larger from compressor inlet air. Heavy-duty filters minimize air end wear, optimize performance, lower noise levels, and extend the interval between lubricant changes by up to 20%.

Air/Oil Separator

The patented spin-on ELIMINATOR air/oil separator, standard on 15-30 HP models, limits oil carryover to less than 2 PPM by weight, at full load operating pressure of 100 PSIG. This is the lowest in the industry. The key to low oil carryover is surface area. Gardner Denver's pleated separation system increases surface area by 100% over conventional systems. The result is the cleanest air possible for all applications.

Long-Life Lubricant

[AEON] Every Electra-Screw rotary compressor is shipped with a standard charge of AEON 4000 lubricant. AEON 4000 is a semi-synthetic, petroleum-based lubricant with a patented anti-oxidant package, which improves service levels 300% over that of comparable petroleum-based lubricants.
Optional: You can elect to factory-fill with AEON 9000SP synthetic lubricant. With AEON 9000SP, the interval between oil changes is four times greater than standard petroleum-based lubricants. That means up to a full year of operation on a single fill.

Oil Cooler and Filter

Nothing is more important to compressor life than proper filtering and temperature regulation of the compressor lubricant. That's why Electra-Screw compressors come equipped with spin-on, full-flow 10-micron oil filters and factory-mounted heavy-duty oil coolers. Also standard is a thermal mixing valve. During the critical start-up period, the thermal mixing valve allows the cool oil to bypass the oil cooler until the oil reaches operating temperature. The rugged radiator-type oil cooler then works in conjunction with the thermal mixing valve to ensure optimum oil temperature for the most efficient operation under all conditions.

Mounted Aftercooler

Gardner Denver Electra-Screw compressors greatly reduce the load on air-drying equipment. The factory installs heavy-duty, air-cooled aftercoolers and moisture separators, with traps, to achieve discharge air temperatures that are within 15o F of ambient. Competitive models run typically more than 30% hotter. Electra-Screw delivers an uninterrupted supply of cool, dry compressed air to drive your air tools and equipment.

Control Enclosure

Standard: A NEMA 12 control enclosure houses a mounted and wired full-voltage magnetic motor starter. This enclosure provides dust-tight protection for the starter, control power transformer, miroprocessor, and safety devices.
Optional: NEMA 4 enclosure, starter, controls and wiring are available for indoor and outdoor installations that require added durability or protection from harsh weather conditions.

Optional Sound Attenuating Enclosures

An optional sound attenuating, full sheet metal enclosure helps to reduce overall operating noise levels. Low sound 75 dBA and normal (<=81 dBA) enclosures provide easy service access to compressor, drive motor, filters and separator through hinged doors and latched panels.

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Auto Sentry RS-2000 Microprocessor Controller (20-30 HP)

  • Fully Programmable, Touch Pad Control with Full Text LCD Display
  • Load/No-Load Control
  • Operating Mode Selection: Constant Run, Low Demand with Blowdown, Automatic Start/Stop with Timed Blowdown, Sequencing of up to 8 Units
  • Complete System Diagnostics with LCD Readouts: Displays for Hourmeter, Loaded Hours, Total Runtime, Discharge Air Temperature, System /Reservior Pressure, Separator Differential Pressure; Advisory Lamps for Air Filter Serice, Change Separator, Oil and Air Filter Change, Low/High Temperature, Sequencing Communicator Error; Protective Shutdown Lamps for High Temperature, Low Oil Pressure, Motor Overload, High Pressure, and Change Separator
  • Power Interruption Protection or Automatic Restart
  • Contacts for Remote Start/Stop Operation and Remote Alarm

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Life-Long Bearings

[Long-Life Bearings] Like all Gardner Denver compressors, the Electra-Screw machines were designed with large cylindrical roller bearings at the inlet and time-proven tapered roller bearings at the discharge. These bearings have a calculated L-10 life expectancy in excess of 90,000 hours - or 15-20 years of normal operation.
The physical size of a bearing plays an important part in its longevity. The large center distance provided by Gardner Denver rotors allows for maximum bearing diameter, and maximum bearing life.

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