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The Electra-Saver II®

[Saver II]

Electra-Saver II is the perfect match for most applications - 40 to 150 HP (30 to 112 KW), up to 760 CFM (22 m min.). It features the patented Intensive Injection lubrication system which improves compressor efficiency over conventional lubricant injection by 6% to 8%, providing the highest CFM (m min.) per brake horsepower in the industry. Larger, slow-turning air ends and large, long life antifriction bearings insure best value delivered.

About Gardner Denver Rotary Screw Compressors

Gardner Denver offers more features per horsepower, more features per price, more options to match your job - and more efficiency to save power costs. The cost savings of owning and operating a Gardner Denver compressor begin the first minute you turn it on - and keep building throughout its long, productive life.

All Gardner Denver rotary screw compressors contain a unique combination of outstanding features:

  • Exclusive KYPHO Rotor Profile returns greater efficiency over its operating range and delivers a 3% to 5% operating efficiency advantage over standard rotor designs. Its asymmetrical rotor shape inherently provides a tighter seal between the grooves of the rotors to reduce slippage, eliminate vibration and increase efficiency.

  • Rotors Up To 41% Larger in diameter than other compressor brands deliver operating speeds among the lowest in the industry. Low speeds extend air end life, reduce compression heat and contribute to overall lower operating cost.

  • Direct-driven, Unitized Air Ends with lower operating speeds for longer life and lower operating costs.

  • Only Corrosion Resistant Control Lines are used throughout. You will never find plastic tubing on a Gardner Denver Air Compressor.

  • Vibration Isolators reduce operating noise and vibration.

  • Long-Life Bearings mean longer service. All Gardner Denver compressors are designed with large, cylindrical roller bearings at the inlet and time-proven tapered roller bearings at the discharge. These bearings have a calculated L-10 life expectancy in excess of 90,000 hours - or 15 to 20 years of normal operation.

  • Heavy-Duty Canister Air Filter standard on most models. This standard Gardner Denver feature is only an option with other compressor manufacturer. The high-efficiency replaceable element removes airborne particulate of 5 microns and larger from compressor inlet air to extend the interval between lubricant changes by up to 20%.

  • Maintenance Reducing Design Features, like simplified access to air/oil separator and filters, as well as spin-on filters, cut maintenance time by up to 90%.
  • Patented ELIMINATOR Air-Oil Separator limits oil carryover to less than 2 PPM by weight at full load operating pressure of 100 PSIG (6.9 Bar) - the lowest in the industry. The result is the cleanest air possible for all applications.

  • Oil Cooler and Filter. Nothing is more important to compressor life than proper lubricant filtering and temperature regulation. That's why Gardner Denver compressors come equipped with spin-on, full flow, 10-micron oil filters and factory-mounted, heavy-duty oil coolers.

  • Thermostatic Oil Mixing Valve For Temperature Control warms the oil for better circulation throughout the unit and ensures optimum oil temperature for the most efficient operation under all conditions.

  • Exclusive AEON Long-Life Lubricant outlasts standard petroleum-based lubricant. Every Gardner-Denver rotary compressor is shipped with a standard charge of AEON lubricant - a long-life lubricant with a patented anti-oxidant package, which improves service levels up to four times longer over petroleum-based lubricants. That means you get up to a full year of operation on a single fill.

  • Heavy-Duty Aftercoolers reduce the load on air-drying equipment. The factory-mounted, air-cooled aftercooler and moisture separator effectively reduces the discharge air temperature to within 15°F of ambient - 5°F cooler than other compressors.

  • A Broad Selection Of Job-Related Options match Gardner Denver compressors to your application. Although options vary with individual models, you can tailor your compressor to exactly meet your needs. Options include Sound Attenuating Enclosures and selection of Motor Types (WYE-Delta, TEFC or ODP).

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Electra Saver II Overview

[Electra Saver II] Features of Electra-
Saver II Compressors:
  1. Exclusive KYPHO rotor profiles,
  2. Patented Intensive Injection,
  3. Auto Sentry ES Electronic Controller,
  4. ELIMINATOR Air/Oil Separator,
  5. Long-life AEON 9000 SP (8000-hour) coolant/lubricant,
  6. Direct driven, non-geared air end,
  7. Large, long-life antifriction bearings,
  8. Heavy-duty canister-type inlet air filter.

Gardner Denver designs larger air ends for its compressors so they can be direct driven at the motor's own speed. Not only does the greater operating efficiency of a larger air end extend operating life, it also reduces energy costs year after year.

In addition to greater durability, larger air ends also deliver compressed air more efficiently. In an air end, the clearances between the rotors are potential leakage areas. A smaller rotor set has a higher leakage area per unit displacement (measured in cubic feet of air per revolution). And, the oil used to lubricate the rotors creates "drag," that increases as the rotor speeds increase. Finally, gear driven units suffer further efficiency losses due to gear friction. As a result, the inefficiencies of smaller air ends show up in increased power usage that nullify the savings in their initial lower price.

The use of larger, slower-turning, direct drive air ends is a major contributing factor to the outstanding durability of Gardner Denver Electra Saver II rotary screw compressors.

Like all Gardner Denver rotary screw compressors, Electra Saver II incorporates rugged components like a rigid steel sub-base and corrosion-resistant control lines.

Electra Saver II, alone in its class, offers the exclusive Gardner Denver Auto Sentry ES one touch, solid-state electronic controller with more diagnostic and shut down capability than any comparable compressor.

If you want efficiency combined with dollar-saving durability, Electra Saver II should be your first choice.

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AutoSentry® ES+

The AutoSentry® ES+ [AutoSentry ES+]
  • Standard on SAV 200-300, optional upgrade to ES controller
  • Complete system diagnostics with interactive compressor diagram
  • Mode selection, each with modulating inlet valve or load/no load control including: constant run, low demand with reservoir blowdown, automatic with timed blowdown and stop, stop/reset and emergency stop
  • VFD display for hourmeter, loaded hours and total running time, system/reservoir pressure, separator defferential pressure and motor amps
  • VFD advisory lamps include: service air filter, change separator, oil and oil filter; low/high temperature, sequencing communications error and high motor amps
  • VFD protective shutdown lamps for high temperature, low oil pressure, main/fan motor overload, high pressure and change separator
  • Choice of one field selectable message: high vibration, phase relay, motor protector or low voltage
  • Standard power interruption protection, high speed electronic modulation control, thermal controlled air-cooled fan motor start and contacts for remote start/stop operation plus remote monitoring

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