Products - Electra Saver ( 40 - 500 HP )

The Electra Saver®

Electra-Saver patented Turn Valve screw compressors pioneered superior energy savings. The unique technology matches energy input to system demand, slashing energy costs as much as 16%, day after day. Long-life lubricants, bearings, efficient air/oil separators and filters contribute to the highest value and lowest true cost. [Electra Saver]

Electra Saver's Unmatched Energy Efficiency

As the single largest expense, energy costs far exceed initial purchase cost - and can actually exceed the original purchase price in the first year or operation, based on the kilowatt hour cost for a two-shift operation of a new compressor. [Electra-Saver Cost Savings]
[Electra-Saver Energy Savings] Exclusive Gardner Denver Turn Valve Capacity Control System is more efficient than Modulating Control, especially at less than 80' capacity. At 40% capacity, additional savings are realized through exclusive Low Demand Mode (18% unloaded HP).

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Features Of Electra-Saver Compressors

The following list of features applies to all Gardner Denver Electra-Saver Compressors:
  1. Exclusive KYPHO rotor profiles,
  2. Exclusive patented Turn Valve technology,
  3. Auto Sentry ES+ Electronic Controller (200-300 HP),
  4. ELIMINATOR Air/Oil Separator,
  5. Long-life AEON coolant/lubricant,
  6. Direct connected air end with large, slower-turning rotors,
  7. Large, long-life anti-friction bearings with L-10 life expectancy of over 100,000 hours,
  8. Corrosion-resistant control lines,
  9. Rugged, heavy-duty base and components used throughout.
As well as these features, all Gardner Denver Rotary Compressors have a long list of outstanding features. Click below to see these features:

Gardner Denver Rotary Screw Compressor Features

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The Electra-Saver Control Panel - AutoSentry® ES+

[Auto-Sentry ES+]

As with many other Gardner Denver compressors, the Electra-Saver comes equipped with the most advanced, yet simple to operate control design in the industry. The Auto-Sentry ES+ offers complete diagnostic capability with the operation mode to fit your application. To learn more about the Auto-Sentry ES+, and have a closer look at all it's features click below:

Auto-Sentry ES+ Features

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