Products - Compressed Air Dryers & Air Treatment - up to 19,200 SCFM

Ontario Compressor Supplies offers a wide range of refrigerant and regenerative compressed air drying products. We distribute air dryers for Gardner Denver and Zeks Compressed Air Solutions. With the use of Gardner Denver and Walker inline particulate and coalescing filters, we can guarantee that the air you need, is clean, dry and oil free.

Refrigerant Dryers

True-CyclingTM - The ZEKS Advantage

True-Cycling is not just a catchy phrase, it is the way the HeatSinkTM dryers operate. ZEKS has taken the customer's requirements for tight dew point control, rugged reliability, and low operating cost, and designed the world's most advanced cycling refrigerated air dryers. The ZEKS True-Cycling dryer is THE STANDARD by which all dryers are measured.

Common manufacturing practices, process machinery cycling, and changing production requirements result in variable compressed air volume use. This, combined with lower ambient and inlet air temperatures, results in a reduced load on the dryer. ZEKS pioneered the design of a dryer that includes a refrigeration system in conjunction with a thermal mass that efficiently stores cold energy. This allows the refrigeration compressor to cycle OFF during periods of reduced load while the dryer continues to remove moisture and contaminants from the air stream. The refrigeration system in a non-cycling dryer operates continuously which greatly increases its operating cost compared to a True-Cycling dryer.

Energy Savings Up To 80%

True-Cycling operation enables HeatSink air dryers to provide significant energy savings when compared to non-cycling dryers. Air treatment cost is not wasted through continuous operation of the dryer refrigeration system as it is with non-cycling dryers. Changes in compressed air consumption resulting from variable shift and process demands as well as daily and seasonal fluctuations in ambient temperature provide tremendous energy saving opportunities. In many applications installation of a HeatSink dryer can save as much as 80% of the operating cost of a non-cycling dryer.


HeatSinkTM air dryers are engineered to maximize operating efficiency and enable a long, trouble-free service life in a broad range of compressed air applications. HeatSinkTM stands tall when compared to other refrigerated air dryers.
The Standard of Excellence For Heat Exchanger Design

ZEKS patented CFX© stainless steel Corrugated, Folded heat eXchangers have been engineered exclusively for compressed air drying to include a high heat transfer coefficient and industry-leading low pressure drop. A multi-path flow area that is 3-5 times that of the equivalent copper tube exchanger, combined with continuous self-cleaning action, minimizes fouling potential. Corrosion resistant 304L stainless steel is used in all air circuit exchangers. CFX© provides durability in environments where copper or other metals are not suitable.

CFX©= Benefits
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • Less Prone To Fouling Than Copper Or Aluminum Exchangers
  • Flow Area That Is 3-5 Times That Of Competitive Exchangers Industry-Leading Low Pressure Drop
  • Higher Energy Efficiency Than That Of Competitive Exchangers
  • ZEKS Exclusive 10-Year Warranty
Low Pressure Drop

The unique CFX© design has allowed ZEKS to provide air treatment with an extremely low pressure drop. This minimizes the overall compressed air energy requirement and the need for greater air compressor capacity.

Reliable Refrigeration System

Refrigeration system components are sized to handle the maximum moisture loading for each HeatSinkTM model. Condensers have been selected to maintain efficiency in all environments and they are positioned to avoid accumulation of dust and debris. High quality fully hermetic compressor life is maximized because of cycling dryer operation. Refrigeration lines include valves for convenient maintenance.


The 75-2,400 scfm HeatSinkTM models include a CFX© stainless steel precooler/reheater that enhances the efficiency of the dryer and optimally conditions the air for use. Compressed air is warmed to approximate ambient temperature to eliminate pipe sweating.

Durable Construction

Internal structural pieces are heavy gauge galvanized steel. Full cabinet is powder-coated with removeable panels for convenient access to all internal components.

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Regenerative dryers

Ontario Compressor Supplies offers a wide variety of regenerative compressed air dryers. Whether your requirements are for a heatless purge dryer, heated purge dryer or a heated blower purge dryer. We have it covered. The PLC controlled dryer operation will provide you with a constant dewpoint ranging (adjustable) from + 38 to -100 degrees F.

The Zeks Genesis dryer utilizes a heated, blower regeneration system that uses zero compressed air to regenerate the moisture soaked desiccant beds. Saving up to 15 % compressed air use and lowering the electrical cost associated with compressed air regeneration.

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